My Small Suburban Garden

My Small Suburban Garden

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Wot, No Birds?...

There’s a distinct lack of feathery things in my small suburban garden, and I’m left wondering why?
I accept that the winter snow, frost, ice and so on would’ve seen numbers fall dramatically, but since we’ve recently been experiencing ‘scorchingly hot’ daytime temperatures of 2-3 degrees above zero I’d have thought that they’d have returned.

I deliberately put nice small chunks of bread on the paving slabs, and hung fancy red plastic seed nets in my currently leafless forsythia, but even the coconut shell filled with fat hasn’t tempted them from their hiding places.

I’ve been on ‘cat watch’ and have shooed away any felines daring to poke their whiskers over my fence, but still nothing.

Hmmm…. the plot thickens………..

JANUARY 7, 2011 

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