My Small Suburban Garden

My Small Suburban Garden

Thursday, 27 March 2014


It’s rather unfortunate that there are certain individuals who, for unknown reasons, choose to act in malicious ways against their neighbours. It’s also unfortunate that I happen to live next door to a bloke who apparently deems it necessary to lean across and cut back 2-3 feet of my forsythia, on MY side of the fence, EVERY TIME I go away on holiday, throwing the chopped off branches into my small suburban garden. Of course, he’s one of those types who loves confrontation and would find my distress hilariously funny, and therefore any form of dialogue with him about these wanton acts of vandalism is purely pointless. In fact, he would probably do it even more simply to get a reaction out of me. And therefore, I know that until such a time as I can afford to employ a builder to create an 8 feet high brick wall between the two properties I shall have no choice but to accept that whenever my home is left unattended for any longer than 24 hours I must expect to return to find carnage.

JULY 24, 2011

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