My Small Suburban Garden

My Small Suburban Garden

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow...

Despite all the fuss on the news and on social media sites, Colchester seems to have got off rather lightly in this recent snow event (at the moment….!) While other areas appear knee-deep in the white stuff there’s only a light dusting in my small suburban garden, and it’s not even managing to settle in some parts. Looks a bit like someone sprinkling icing sugar on a cake.

However, I won’t be popping to the compost bins anytime soon judging by how slippery the slabs are and a quick prod of the water butt confirms my suspicions that it is, in fact, frozen inside.

I’m hoping my bees are warm and cosy in their baked-bean-can ‘house’ and that they’re managing to cope in the sub-zero temperatures…

JANUARY 20, 2013 

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