My Small Suburban Garden

My Small Suburban Garden

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Quick! Before it Snows Again...

A lull in the truly awful weather saw me rushing around trying to do 101 things at once in my small suburban garden this afternoon. The sun was out (or at least I think it was the sun – been so long since I last saw it I’ve forgotten what it looks like), but there was still quite a nip in the air.

I’d spotted a couple of dark pink primulas lurking in my row of yellow ones, so I dug those out (now re-planted in the window boxes at the front of the house) and then I set about digging up all of the yellow ones, separating them into smaller plants, and re-planting those along the back border.

Despite the dreadful weather we’ve had for the past few months the ground was remarkably dry, so I gave everything a thorough watering from the water butt.

Before planting the primulas in the window boxes in my front garden I’d removed the remains of the pansies that had been my pride and joy for so long. I managed to salvage 8 of them and decided to pop them into terracotta tubs in the back, where they can enjoy some morning sunshine (if we ever see the sun again), in the hope of getting a few extra weeks of pleasure from them.

I was well aware that my lovely new nest boxes may well attract some little lodgers soon, so I took them off the wall and gave them a coat of Cuprinol. Hopefully that’ll keep the wood from rotting away (plus, they now match the fence).

I now seem to have some tete-a-tetes out, and I think I can see 3 hyacinths trying to flower. The crocuses are still a long way off blooming, and I’m not convinced they will this year…

APRIL 6, 2013 

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