My Small Suburban Garden

My Small Suburban Garden

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Why Mow, When You Can Sweep?...

After several years of clearing up cat poo (especially annoying when I don’t actually own a cat!) I decided to completely do away with grass and have paving slabs instead.

It had always seemed like a lot of effort to go to – getting the mower out the back of a jam packed shed, plugging in the extension lead through the lounge, and then replacing the snapped cutting wires underneath the damned thing,  just for a few square feet of grass (I use the term ‘grass’ loosely. Although it was green it was actually 90 percent clover and other such ‘weeds’).

In an already over-complicated world, I’ve now substantially cut my gardening stress levels. Nowadays, when as sure as ‘eggs is eggs‘ and that autumn follows summer, I simply whip out a stiff broom and within 3 minutes the back yard is free from tree debris.

By sweeping from the top of the yard towards the bottom, not only is the downwards slope a godsend as it makes the physical act of sweeping easier, all the garden waste gets pushed conveniently towards the two large compost bins. Within a few seconds I can have the lids off and the ‘rubbish’ conveniently dumped out of sight and out of mind.

JANUARY 14, 2011

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