My Small Suburban Garden

My Small Suburban Garden

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Des Res...

Spring has yet to appear, although we did see the sunshine for one day last week, so my small suburban garden remains a gloomy and unexciting place right now. There are a few yellow primulas out, and the buddleia are in bud, but there’s not much else to write home about (so to speak).

In the absence of plant-life I ordered a fancy new bird box for £5 on Ebay, which has now arrived and is adorning a brick wall awaiting it’s first tenants. Past experience has shown me that birds are mostly uninterested in visiting my garden – despite the vast sums of money I regularly invest in seeds, fat-balls and various other treats – but I live in hope that one pair of tiny feathered friends will find my new garden ornament irresistible this spring, and choose to make it their home.

Time will tell…

MARCH 9, 2013

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