My Small Suburban Garden

My Small Suburban Garden

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Indian Summer...

It’s official – it’s the hottest October since 1985 and I’m loving it!

We’ve had several gloriously hot days in a row and the weather’s currently making up for the somewhat mediocre summer we’ve had this year, however, the plants seem flummoxed and while trees are dropping their leaves all around, certain shrubs and flowers think it’s spring again.

My forsythia has begun to bloom, despite the fact it’s shedding leaves faster than I can sweep them up, there’s still a few Red Admirals on the hunt for whatever’s left on the buddlia – which is precious little to be honest, ladybirds are out in their hundreds, basking in the high temperatures, and there’s still a few bees around the lobelias, geraniums and pansies. The red jasmine is proudly displaying shiny back berries and the chives are in seed, and yet the magnolia branches have grown several more inches this past week…but it gets dark around 6pm!

All very strange…. but I could easily get very used to these hazy, dewy mornings and dappled sunlight evenings…

OCTOBER 1, 2011 

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