My Small Suburban Garden

My Small Suburban Garden

Thursday, 27 March 2014

The Butterfly Bush...

There’s finally some interest in my buddleia! So far this week I’ve managed to see several small & large whites, some painted ladies, a couple of commas, a few tortoiseshells and lots of peacocks. No red admirals as yet but it’s early days.

I also spotted a female southern hawker dragonfly on it, and am now on the lookout to spot an elusive male. Even though one shrub in particular is blooming, the other large buddleia is still very much behind schedule, as are the 3 smaller ones.

The pots of lobelias and geraniums are forever in need of watering, as is the wild flower mix. The petunias continue to flower although I feel they’ve never reached their full potential.

Better late than never, the white jasmine has got a few flowers on it, although it’s a very poor show.

I’d been neglecting my chives, and have only just noticed the ones I planted alongside the fence are thriving and look like they will flower very soon. I look forward to seeing those…

AUGUST 8, 2013

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