My Small Suburban Garden

My Small Suburban Garden

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Well, I'll Be Blowed...

The snow has gone, the ice has melted, temperatures are finally in double figures (just) and it’s temporarily stopped raining; so what did Mother Nature throw at us today? Wind!

I’d been given a tub of 4 very pretty polyanthus for Christmas, but as they’re not really an indoor plant they were looking very sorry for themselves, so I decided to brave the hurricane conditions and plant them in one of the borders. I’m sure I will eventually move them again, but for now they really are in the best place.

I’d also been given a tub of 3 rather splendid Paperwhites (narcissus) for Christmas, which had flowered too soon, so those too went out into the border.

The rotting geraniums finally had to go, so I spent the next 5 minutes pulling them up and shoving them into the compost bin. They really were quite marvellous in 2012 and will be a big feature of my small suburban garden in 2013.

I’d been wondering why my bird feeder had proved to be unpopular with visiting feathered friends of late, but when I looked closely I noticed the seeds inside had gone mouldy and were all stuck together. Once I’d given it a good clean I put a few fresh seeds in it and hung it back up on the magnolia. Only time will tell if the local sparrows will forgive me for offering up such inedible snacks over the festive season…

JANUARY 31, 2013

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