My Small Suburban Garden

My Small Suburban Garden

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Make Your Mind Up...!

I thought that April was the month for showers, not May! One minute there's blue sky and sunshine, the next the sky is black and either rain or hail (or both) fall out of the clouds.

On a positive note, all this rain has done wonders for my Small Suburban Garden. The white jasmine looks astonishing with so many blooms and even the red jasmine has decided to flower - which the bees are thoroughly enjoying.

The cheap lobelias I bought from Tescos last week are looking relatively healthy in the tubs and borders, and the parsley has almost doubled in size over the past 2 weeks. I appear to have 4 geraniums and 3 begonias that have survived from last summer, which is good, and the magnolia has surprised me by starting to flower again.

The wildflower mix in the back garden continues to thrive, and with any luck I shall see a few flowers within the next week or so...

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