My Small Suburban Garden

My Small Suburban Garden

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Better Late Than Never...

I have to admit that due to my disappointment regarding the lack of colour and wildlife in my small suburban garden during 2015 I've been reluctant to venture outdoors to see if anything 'exciting' is happening. However, determined that there WILL be some colour out there this year, I've recently purchased a large pack of 425 summer flowering bulbs and had the rather tedious task of planting them into the tubs and borders this afternoon.

Much of the garden still looks dead, but there were a few signs of life, much to my surprise. The mild winter has brought forth magnolia blooms, the mini daffodils are flowering and there's even a couple of pink hyacinths in flower. The yellow primulas are attempting to flower but are far from impressive, and the crosuses failed to appear at all, although the buddleia is predictably producing plenty of healthy-looking shoots and leaves.

After all my hard work it'll be interesting to see if anything other than californian poppies and alyssum grows this year. Only time will tell...

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