My Small Suburban Garden

My Small Suburban Garden

Friday, 27 March 2015

Magnificent Magnolia...

Well, one of the magnolias is in fine fettle while the other (smaller) one is lagging behind in the flowering department. There's also still some miniature daffodils along with some rather ragged looking yellow primulas and 3 pink hyacinths. It's good to finally see some flowers in the garden.

The wild cherry has begun to bud and I can see a few small leaves about to appear and the buddleia is beginning to grow again (although it's remained in leaf all winter).

The mint, rosemary and thyme have survived the winter, as predicted, and the recent rain has filled the water butt so I can keep the wildflower seeds I recently scattered in the borders and planters nice and damp. Fingers crossed that 2015 will see a good display of colour in my small suburban garden.

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