My Small Suburban Garden

My Small Suburban Garden

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Wot, No Snow...?

With half the country under a white blanket of the cold stuff, my small suburban garden remains unaffected. The sub-zero temperatures have managed to kill off the begonias but I'm not at all bothered. I did toy with the idea of digging them up and over-wintering them again but to be honest they're 80% leaf and they don't attract the bees and butterflies very well. Next spring I shall plant mostly wild-flower seeds in the hope that my bee hotels will once again become popular.

The geraniums, as ever, never cease to amaze and are still in flower. The white jasmine clearly thinks it's spring again as it's in bud (quite mad really). The buddleia has also grown new leaves and my lovely new fuchsia is also showing signs of new flowers.

This time of year, the garden is far from looking its best and all around are soggy brown leaves and dead stems, but the magnolia has also decided to join in with the springtime theme and has produced some furry little buds on it's branches. Will it all end in tears? Only time will tell...

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